Dryer Vent Cleaning in Orange and Osceola (County) , FL

Dryer Vent Angel is the company to call whenever you need a duct cleaning service in area, FL.

We specialize in cleaning dryer ducts with the goal of extending the life and ensuring the continued safe operation of your dryer.

We also change the indoor dryer duct that connects to your dryer at NO additional labor cost. You just pay for the kit ($30.00) 

Fast, Professional Service

We make it our business to deliver punctual service and high-quality work to each and every client.

We can be counted on to always outline the scope of the work and the expected costs by providing estimate up front. We also offer convenient appointment hours, Monday – Friday , 8;30am – 5pm and Saturday - 8:30 to 1 p.m. for routine cleanings, and we’re available to tackle unexpected emergencies around the clock.

If it’s been a while since your ducts were last cleaned and inspected, give Dryer Vent Angel a call today. A member of our team is standing by to schedule a duct cleaning service call at your home or business anywhere in our area.

Services :

The only service we presently offer is dryer vent cleaning. We do not repair dryers or washing machines. Our technicians are only trained in dryer vent cleaning and can not troubleshoot problems with dryers other than lint blockages.

Our $54.99 (1 single story) $114.99 (multi story) dryer vent cleaning service includes all of the following:

- Upon arrival technician will perform an air flow test at the exhaust, the exhaust will be cleaned of any debris and inspected for proper operation.

- Thorough cleaning of lint trap and lint trap housing.

- Cleaning of metal transitional* duct behind dryer.

- Cleaning of ducts and vents located within walls, ceilings, or foundations.

- Re test air flow at exterior vent.

 * Clothes Dryer Vent Cleanings & Inspections Prevent Unnecessary Deaths, Injuries, and Property Damage.